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Privacy Notice

When you shop with Clothes To You, we will ask for some personal details, such as your name, your address and other contact detail. We may hold your details so that we can process your order, recognise you as a registered customer and, for your convenience, to maintain your account. We respect your privacy and we therefore assure that we will use this information responsibly. 

當閣下在本店購物時 ,我們會要求閣下提供一些基本的個人資料如姓名,地址及其他聯絡詳情。我們有可能會保留這些資料,以便本店處理閣下的訂單,識別閣下為已登記的顧客,和維持閣下的帳戶等。我們十分重視閣下的私隱,所以會保證有責任地使用閣下的個人資料。

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