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About Us

Clothes To You carries famous Japanese kids wear factory overruns.  Brands include Combimini, ANO:NE, Belle Maison, Felissimo, Nissen, Cecile etc. as well as such other big American brands as Baby Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy, baby Legs, Lindex and many more.

我們是專賣日本人氣童裝品牌的原單或跟單餘貨。我們對商品的品質有嚴格的要求,所有的商品都是原單的品質,但價錢就遠低於品牌當地的零售價。當中的品牌包括 Combimini, ANO:NE, Belle Maison, Felissimo, Nissen, Cecil等。另外,我們也同時售賣精選的歐美品牌如Baby Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy, Baby Legs, Lindex等。

About our products

  • Since most products we carry are factory overruns, the majority of them may not have original labels and tags. In some circumstances, tags may have been cut, replaced or wrongly tagged. But because these products are original or additional orders'overruns, they are of original quality and standards. We will specify any special conditions of the products in product description (e.g. wrong tags, cut tag etc.). Please consider carefully before purchase if original tags and labels matter a lot to you because we do not accept it as a reason for product returns.
  • Actual colors may differ from the colors you see on screen.
  • Different makes may have slightly different sizes. Given each child's growth is different, the age specified is only for reference only. We will try our very best to provide size details in product description and please choose a size based on the measurements instead of the suggested age if possible.


•    本店出售之貨品為外貿原單或跟單童裝, 只有少數貨品有齊原標及原包裝,其餘多屬於沒有吊牌及原標,也有可能出現剪標、換標或錯標的情況。正由於貨品是原廠餘單或跟單製造,品質及用料都是有十分保証的。如產品有任何特殊的情況(如錯標,剪標等)店主會盡量在產品說明中提述。請十分在意產品是否有齊原標及原包裝的顧客考慮清楚才購買,購買後亦不能以此原因作為退換貨的理由。
•    另外,實物的顏色也可能跟營光幕上看到的照片有少許差別。
•    不同外貿品牌的呎碼各有差異,各廠家製造時亦有差別,加上各寶寶之成長速度亦各有不同,所標示之年齡亦只供參考。在可能情況下,本店會盡量提供呎吋,請各顧客在購買前先核對呎吋。

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