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Size Guide

Our sizes are in centimeters (cm) that measure the height of the child.  The below guide gives you a general idea on the average height-age relationship.  But each child's growth is different so we recommend you to choose the size based on the height of your child. 

Size Age
50cm newborn
60cm 3 months
70cm 6-12 months
80cm 12-18 months
90cm 18-24 months
95cm 2-2.5 years
100cm 3-4 years
110cm 4-5 years
120cm 5-6 years



尺碼 年歲
50cm 初生
60cm 3 個月
70cm 6-12 個月
80cm 12-18 個月
90cm 18-24 個月
95cm 2-2.5
100cm 3-4
110cm 4-5
120cm 5-6



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