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50mm x 50mm
Quantity 數量:
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  • 正常大小是 50 x 50mm但視乎名字的長短,布貼的大小可能有微細的改變。
  • 最少訂購量為15個。
  • 可縫可燙。但每一組的布貼必須全部為縫式或燙式。
  • 每一組的布貼必須為同一顏色 (除雜色組合外)
  • 每組布貼只限一個名字。
  • 接受英文繁體中文和簡體中文。
  • 名字最多為兩每行不多於4個中文字,或12個英文字母(包括空格)
  • 價錢









  • 作需時2星期。

  • Regular size is 50 x 50mm. However, subject to length of name, size may slightly vary.
  • Minimum order is one set of 5 patches.
  • Can either be sew-on or iron-on. All patches in the same set need to be in the same finish.
  • Can choose 1 of the 10 available colors for each set of name patches (except for multi-color set).
  • One name per set of patches.
  • Accept English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.
  • Maximum 2 lines. Each row may not contain more than 4 Chinese characters or 12 letters(including space).
  • Turnaround is about 2 weeks.
  • Pricing:
    One set of 5 sew-on patches, one color HK$78
    One set of 5 iron-on patches, one color HK$78
    One set of 10 sew-on patches, 1 of each color HK$138
    One set of 10 iron-on patches, 1 of each color HK$138
  • Available fonts:
    English Simplified and traditional Chinese
    Arial 圓體
    Courier 黑體



How to iron on a patch? 怎樣把布貼燙上?

  1. Plug in your iron and set it to medium heat, between 180 and 200 degrees. Allow the iron to heat up. 把燙斗連接電源,調教至中熱大概在180至200度間。等待燙斗加熱。
  2. Iron the area that you will be patching for about 8 seconds. Place the patch over. 在預備燙上布貼的位置加熱約8秒鐘,然後放上布貼。
  3. Place a towel or a cloth (make sure it is colorfast)over the patch. Place the iron on top of the towel or cloth and press down. Do not use any motion, just press down. Hold the iron in place for about 8 to 10 seconds. Remove the iron to allow the patch to cool off.  將一塊不掉色的布或毛巾放在布貼上,然後把燙斗壓上去,不要移動燙斗,等8至10秒。移開燙斗,等待散熱。
  4. Pull lightly at the edges of the patch to see if it peels up. If it does, repeat step 3. 檢視布貼的邊緣有否離開衣服,如果有的話就重複步驟3。
  5. Iron on the back of the patch for 3 to 4 seconds to further secure it. 在布貼底部燙3至4秒,進一步鞏固布貼。

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