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40mm x 20mm
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My Labels 個人化貼紙

/縫布名字貼 (適用於衣物)

W40mm x H20mm
HK$188 - 70張 (相片)


  • 印在有背膠的A4白色棉布上,一張A4布共有70個布貼。
  • 可以燙上或縫上。
  • 兩行字,字數不限。接受英文、繁體中文、簡體中文和日本語。
  • 字體會跟設計相同或類似。
  • 提供每款貼紙的第一、二行的文字。
  • 請提供背景顏色較為純淨的相片,以達致最佳效果。
  • 請將相片電郵到 並以閣下的Order No. 作電郵主旨。



My Labels™

Iron-on/sew-on Fabric Labels (for clothing)

W40mm x H20mm
70 labels
(with photo)

  • 40x20mm
  • Printed on A4 white cotton fabric with glue backing
  • One sheet contains 70 labels
  • To be ironed on or simply sewn on
  • Font/typeface will be the same as shown on the designs
  • Accept English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Japanese characters.
  • For photo labels, please send us a photo with a clear background for best result
  • Please send your photo to with the order no. as the email subject.


We will email you the label artwork and payment details (for those who choose bank transfer and check) within 24 hours upon the receipt of your order. 

Turnaround is about 2 weeks.


How to iron on labels 怎樣燙上布貼?


Detach the fabric label sheet from the greaseproof paper. 將布貼和燙紙分離,但不要棄掉燙紙。

Cut labels out along the line. 將布貼和燙紙分離,但不要棄掉燙紙。

Iron the area that you will put the label for about 8 seconds. Place the label over.  在預備燙上布貼的位置加熱約8秒鐘,然後放上布貼。

Put the greaseproof paper over the label, with the glossy side facing down. 將燙紙覆蓋布貼,光滑面向下

If your iron has a steamer, please make sure it is off. Place iron on the label area for about 15 seconds. Then remove iron. 請關閉燙斗的蒸汽制式,加熱後壓在布貼上約15秒,然後移開燙斗,待為冷卻。

Wait for 1 minute until label is cool off, remove greaseproof paper. Pull lightly at the edges of the label to see if it peels up. If it does, repeat step 6. 等待約一分鐘,貼紙冷卻後移開燙紙。檢視布貼的邊緣有否離開衣服,如果有的話就重複步驟6

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