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Chic & Fun Notebooks (Horse) 名字封面記事簿 (小馬)

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Chic & Fun名字封面筆記簿

A5/A4 size, 單行, 80頁雙面, 1套5本(同一款圖案及名字)

A5 一套5本 HK$220
A4 一套5本 HK$280
本地速遞費HK$33 (由於筆記簿體積及重量關係,只限以雅瑪多宅急便方式寄出)



Chic & Fun Notebooks

Choose an icon, provide your child's name (accept Chinese and English, max. 3 rows)
A5/A4 size, 80 single lined pages, 1 set of 5 books (same icon and name)
300gsm heavy card stock for book cover, 80g wood free paper for inside pages

A5 1 set of 5 books HK$220
A4 1 set of 5 books HK$280
Courier fee within Hong Kong HK$33
(Due to size and weight of notebooks, Ta-Q-Bin is the only delivery option)

We will email you the notebook artwork and payment details (for those who choose bank transfer and check) within 24 hours upon the receipt of your order.

Production time about 2 weeks.


Bulk discount/group-buy discount not applicable


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