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ANO:NE "anie minee" black dotted turtle neck + deep pink blouse set

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90, 100, 110
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This is a copy version but the quality is very good. Great to wear with stockings,  leggings or tight pants.

"anie minee" is a sub-brand of ANO:NE. This set of black dotted blouse and pink dress is delicately designed. The turtleneck and blouse can be worn separately to match with other pieces in your little one's closet.


Inner shirt(slightly elastic)
90:length39CM   chest 28*2CM   sleeve 32CM
100: length41CM  chest31*2CM    sleeve35CM
110:length44CM    chest32*2CM    sleeve39CM


Dress-like blouse              
90:length 50CM   chest 31*2CM  
100: length55CM    chest33*2CM 
110: length62CM    chest 35*2CM  


The sizes are a bit smaller. Model Verity (image below) is 92cm and wears size100.


這個是仿單anie minee, 但品質非常不錯建議襯托襪褲、打底褲或窄身褲。

打底衣 (稍有彈性)
90:衣長39CM   胸圍28*2CM   袖長32CM
100:衣長41CM     胸圍31*2CM   袖長35CM
110:衣長44CM     胸圍32*2CM   袖長39CM


裙式上衣 (外衣)              
90:衣長50CM   胸圍31*2CM  
100:衣長55CM     胸圍33*2CM 
110:衣長62CM     胸圍35*2CM  




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